About Alternative Energy Solutions, Ltd.

Alternative Energy Solutions, Ltd. (AES) is a small to medium sized operation based in Schererville, Indiana. AES services the greater Chicago land Market with coverage encompassing a one hundred fifty mile radius of Schererville, Indiana including Southern Wisconsin, Southwestern Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northern and Central Illinois.

Company and History

Alternative Energy Solutions, Ltd is a Sales and Service Company specializing in the field of Electrical power generation equipment. AES's strength is in the maintenance and repair of all manufactured brands of Electrical Generators. AES's service technicians have a collective experience of 50 years of servicing power generation equipment. AES prides itself on the proper identification of potential problems as well as timely and succinct repairs to power generators and associated equipment including automatic transfer switching devices.

AES has a broad base of current customers, which, includes nearly three thousand units sold directly to customers. AES directly maintains over two thousand customer generators. AES currently has over seven hundred customers with service contracts, which, allows AES to perform periodic routine maintenance, and which, diminishes major problems to equipment, and also, allows customers to realize reduced rates on maintenance, as well as, reduced rates for follow-up repairs.


Alternative Energy Solutions, Ltd. is always looking for talented, hard working individuals to add to our team. Please view our job postings for available positions.

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Providing our customers with 24 hour generator service and support, preventive maintenance, and 4 year warranties for back up power systems.

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For over 24 years throughout the Midwest, we have been servicing and installing back up power systems for businesses.

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